The Victory of Moloch

Monsignor and I were sitting in the fancy lobby when who should walk past but a famous Catholic governor.  He was now retired.  He came over to us to say hello and seemed to be a pleasant person.  We talked cordially for a little while.  Being a bit emboldened I asked him if he still held the same position supporting abortion since now having left office.  He went pensive.  I could feel the monsignor cringe.  The ex-governor told us that he had since changed his stance and, now retired, acknowledged life in the womb.  He simply said: “I was wrong.”  I knew he didn’t like my question; I wasn’t sorry I asked it.  I hope that he did penance for such grievous apostasy before standing before Final Judgment.   

The apostate is that person who has betrayed his faith. In the ancient Church the apostate was given only one chance in his life to repent and return to the graces of the Church; no second chances.

Last week the state of New York passed the “Reproductive Health Act” which has a harmless name but which is the most brutal act of violence against innocent human life not seen since the bronze age.  This law clearly cements abortion into the constitution of New York, but goes even farther in that it is now permissible to abort a child right up to the moment of delivery and even extends beyond birth, so that if the abortionist was not successful in killing the child within the womb, then he can finish the job after the delivery and birth.  This is called “post-birth abortion.”  It used to be called first degree murder.

During the signing of this act into law the senate chamber erupted into extended cheers from state senators and those in attendance.  As a final tribute to this satanic victory, the great Freedom Tower was illuminated in pink; the tower built to pay tribute to the lives of those who died in 9/11, now transformed into a tribute to the slaughter of the innocents.  Does anyone see any incongruity?

At the end of the bronze age the Canaanites worshiped the god named Moloch.  He was a god who had infiltrated into the pure worship of Israel in the name of “inclusivity,” and thereby assimilating antithetical beliefs into Judaism.  This wound up polluting the purity of the Jewish faith.  But here’s the interesting fact: it was the apostate Jewish kings who had allowed Moloch into their faith in the name of being “inclusive” and “politically correct.”  These kings who were charged with protecting their people were the very ones who let the wolf into the fold to destroy the innocent sheep. 

And Moses wrote to the Jews: “You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God.”  Sadly, some of those kings who had vowed to protect God’s people wound up being the very ones who would worship Moloch—as their children were being offered in sacrifice to him.

…and so it continues.