Pastor Appreciation Day 2017

Last week I received some beautiful cards from the school children. They have been on display in the back of the church, but here are a few of the best:

  • Thank you Fr. Gordon for all the things you do here. Thank you for the teachings of our Lord and Savior.
  • Being a Pastor much be hard work. How do you do it?
  • We all love you as our pastor. You’re the best!
  • I want you to be our priest forever because you are always nice to us.
  • You are the best pastor in our community I could ever hope for.
  • Thank you for giving me communion last year when I was in 2nd grade.
  • Bethlehem is important.
  • Thank you for being our priest.
  • I miss you and thank you for giving us love and kindness.
  • Thank you for letting us come to the church.
  • Thank you for teaching us about Jesus. You’re the best!
  • We appreciate you.
  • Thank you for being so good.
  • You are my favorite pastor ever.
  • You have shown us that Christ’s life is a good life.
  • Keep teaching us about God.
  • We love Father Gordon
  • We’re glad you came to this school.
  • I can’t wait to see you at Mass some time.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to altar serve.
  • I am happy to come and see you and listen to all the preaching.
  • Thank you for our beautiful church and school.
  • You and Father Joe work great together.
  • You make the church and school feel brighter.
  • Thank you for being our pastor throughout 2016 and 2017. I hope next year you will still be here.
  • I will say 26 Hail Marys for you.

– Fr. Gerard Gordon