Not From the Pastor

Usually I write the columns found in this spot each week. However, this week I am turning over the keyboard to one of our fine parishioners. Anthony is that faithful young Catholic father and husband you see every Sunday with his well-mannered children. I asked Anthony to put together a few thoughts about his experience using FORMED. As you may recall FORMED is a free gift from the parish and the diocese for you. FORMED has been called the “Catholic Netflix.” I hope you are using it, and some of you have kindly given me great feedback about this Catholic website.

1. Go to:
2. Your ID address is:
3. Your password is: formed18!

After reading Anthony’s letter, I thought it so good that I asked him if I could share it with you. So, Anthony, I now hand-over the keyboard to you…

From Netflix to Formed: Raising Catholic Kids In The Modern Age

Being a Catholic parent in the modern age is no easy task. For those of us with growing families, raising our children in the faith continues to be a challenge in an increasingly secular culture. Thankfully, new faith-based resources are available to us to better form the minds, hearts, and souls of the ones we love into young disciples.

We were a Netflix family, but have recently become a Formed family thanks to our parish. (Formed is otherwise called, the Catholic Netflix)

In our pursuit of positive, quality entertainment for our household, we were happy to find a recent Facebook post reminding us that parishioners of St. Martin have been gifted with a free subscription to Formed “is the revolutionary digital platform that gives your parish unprecedented access to video-based study programs, feature films, audio presentations, and eBooks from the Church’s foremost presenters.” There are hundreds of movies and video study programs, as well as engaging audio stories and ebooks, available in English and Spanish.

For little kids, the cartoon Brother Francis is a great alternative to PBS Kids and Disney Jr. For our older children, the Saint movies (i.e. Joan of Arc) have been a hit. For adults, looking to go deeper in their faith journey, Formed offers The Wild Goose study series.

When these shows, among others, are on in our home, we feel better about the use of screen time and can trust that all of the content is empowering.

We encourage all families — particularly fellow parents, as the primary catechists and protectors of young, heaven-bound souls — to also take advantage of this on-demand service through the website or mobile app.

It has strengthened our family. Let it do the same for yours.
Parishioner & Amityville Resident