Happy Thanksgiving 2015

“Welcome Home”

The best words I heard all week were when the United States Custom Agent stamped my passport at Kennedy Airport and said “Welcome home.” In those two words I was profoundly moved. He didn’t have to say it, but he meant it. The agent did not realize what an impact those two words had upon me. Indeed it was good to be back home in America. Those two words made me realize just how much we as Americans take for granted. Those two words made me realize just how much God has given to us.

This week I invited students from the parish and school, and anyone else who wished to join me, to distribute over 100 boxes of food to the needy a few days before Thanksgiving. We had a bus load of over 50 young people who very quietly but joyfully traveled to a nearby parish to personally distribute baskets and meet people who are much in need. Most of the needy had to have someone drive them to the location, or they walked there themselves. They were all diverse and all waited in the hallway for at least half an hour for their Thanksgiving fixings for their family dinner. It is a humbling experience for them and for our students. I have done this for years at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Every year students return to help without my reminding or asking them. It is good to see that they have learned to appreciate God’s gifts and never take for granted our life, our liberty, our country, our families, and our home.


Fr. Gerard Gordon