Dominican Thanks

After such a great send-off for our wonderful Dominican Sisters, I have been receiving many thank you notes from the nuns themselves.  I want to join my thanks to theirs, especially to the parishioners who worked so hard to provide such a beautiful liturgy and luncheon reception afterwards.  If you were there you know what an historic and bittersweet day it was for the Sisters and parishioners.  The Knights of Columbus, the ladies Columbiettes, the magnificent choir and orchestra and each individual person that attended and prepared the day.

Here are some of the notes I have received from the Sisters:

  • “It was an absolutely beautiful liturgy. Thanks so much to the parishioners for such a lovely farewell.  I was very touched.  I taught fourth grade in the school around 1969—many moons ago.  At present I am retired in the Motherhouse and do Spiritual Direction.  Thank you again.  The food afterwards was delicious.  I remember such a beautiful parish.”  –Sr. Joy
  • “It was good to see you on Sunday. The Mass was beautiful and the lunch was delicious.  I am so grateful to Pauline and Mary and helpers for all of their hard work.  All of you did a great job.  God bless you!  My prayers and love and gratitude.”  –Sr. Kay
  • “The ‘Farewell Celebration’ was wonderful. Everything was done with thoughtful preparation & care.  Thank you for the delicious luncheon.  May God continue to bless you & the parishioners at St. Martin’s.” –Sr. Kathleen
  • “Today’s Farewell Celebration for our Sisters touched me deeply. Thank you for enabling us to gather as we recall fond memories.  You and the people of St. Martin’s are ever in my prayers.  May the preaching continue.”  –Sr. Bernadette
  • “A great big THANK YOU to you and all who made Sunday’s “OP” celebration possible.” –Sr Fran
  • “Thank you, Father, and the ENTIRE group of wonderful, kind, generous, loving thoughtful, creative people of St. Martin’s parish who organized the most beautiful liturgy and luncheon celebration for the Dominican Sisters. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  What more can I say?  I’ll never forget the lovely and loving celebration!  Martin’s convent was home to me for 7 years from 1980-87.  I hope every group and committee will be able to see my Thank You.  Love and prayers, Sister Irene Weiner

After the last Sister had left our convent, and after a century of their holy presence, I had the sad duty of going over to the convent to “turn off the lights” for the last time; it was a very gloomy thing for me to have to do.  I walked through the big silent building and through the hallways.  I saw their simple kitchen and community room.  Upstairs I saw how modestly they had lived in one single room with a bed, desk, chair and sink.  It struck me how profoundly these women Religious had quietly lived the Gospel of simplicity and detachment.  They taught you and your parents and grandparents; they were there to teach, encourage and comfort the countless little ones in their care.  They did what God asked of them in a noble and magnanimous way.

I went into their empty chapel where they gathered each day to pray for us and countless others.  I offered a prayer for them. I turned out the last light, locked the front door and thanked God for the gift they were to us for over a century.

– Fr. Gerard Gordon