“You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.” With these words Christen trusted his Church on earth to Peter, the first pope, and to his successors, and for as long as there have been the Police Holy Name Society of Nassau County, it has been our tradition to “Stand with Peter,” and thus, to stand with the Church.

The HNS family lost a very special member of the Society this past month, Pete Meehan was called home to Christ. Pete was a member of the Holy Name for over 40 years and he served as our President. Pete was one of the “old timers” that kept the current members inline and always cognizant of the HNS’s proud, tradition based history. I don’t pretend to compare our Pete to St. Peter, but Pete was one of the “rocks” that kept our Society strong and able to survive eighty plus years of fellowship and good works. On a personal note, Pete along with Jake McDermott, recruited myself and many young cops to join the Holy Name and participate in one of the oldest police organizations in Nassau County. Pete will be dearly missed from our monthly meetings and our more recent pilgrimages abroad. Pete and his lovely wife Marge graced our trips with their wit and willingness to explore some of the Catholic highlights around the world. Marge is a great example of a loving, giving wife and we the Holy Name Society will stand with her and remember Pete as truly one of the great members in the history of the HNS.

The extraordinary Holy Year, a “Jubilee of Mercy,” which began last December, 2015 ends on November 20, 2016, the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. As the Year of Mercy is coming to close I’d like to pass on some information where members of the Diocese of Rockville Centre can experience this “special year”: The Jubilee of Mercy was announced by Pope Francis as a year to be lived intensely in each particular Church, allowing every person to encounter the mercy of God the Father through diligent labor for the Church’s mission there. The most evident sign of this pastoral care is the chance to open a Door of Mercy in every diocese. These doors, analogous to the Holy Doors of the Papal Basilicas in Rome, will permit even people who cannot travel to Rome to make a Jubilee pilgrimage.

In the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Bishop Murphy has chosen to open a Door of Mercy at the diocesan Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Agnes in Rockville Centre. In addition to the Door of Mercy at the Cathedral, Bishop Murphy has designated three additional sites for the opening of other Doors of Mercy: the Shrines of particular importance, especially where there is the happy possibility that the many faithful who visit the shrine may always encounter the merciful embrace of the Father in confession. They are: the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, Huntington; the Basilica of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Southampton and the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport.

It is good for the extraordinary possibility for the Jubilee indulgence to be recognized by the faithful precisely as an opportunity out of the ordinary, so that they may live it as a time particularly fitting for embarking on the path of conversion. Fostering the proper appreciation for the special sign of the Door of Mercy will facilitate this invitation to conversion. One can obtain the Jubilee indulgence by making a pilgrimage to one of the four Jubilee Churches in our diocese and fulfilling the other necessary conditions: experiencing the Sacrament of Reconciliation, receiving the Holy Eucharist, making a profession of faith, praying for the pope and for his intentions.

In particular, taking into consideration the spirit of this Holy Year, it is suggested that pilgrims recite the prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee, and that they conclude the time of prayer with an invocation to the merciful Lord Jesus (for example, “Merciful Jesus, I trust in You”).

Finally, at the National Convention of Holy Name Society’s, a request was made of Society’s throughout the United States that they should assist in the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli (c. 1205-1283), Patronof the Holy Name Society, by contributing to the effort financially and spiritually by praying to Blessed John of Vercelli:

God our Father, You raised BlessedJohn of Vercelli to leadership in Your church and made him an apostle of theHoly Name of Jesus, Your divine Son. We ask of you, through the intercession of Blessed John, a renewal of devotion to Your son among ourselves and our fellow men. May all men come to know, to love and to reverence the most Holy Name ofJesus — “So that at Jesus’ name every knee must bend in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, and every tongue proclaim to the glory of God the Father: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.” Amen.

The Police Holy Name Society of Nassau County – President Neil J. Delargy