1430 AM

I want to introduce you to a new radio station I discovered on AM Radio.  It is called Relevant Radio and it is ubiquitous and free!  You can also find Relevant Radio on the website www.relevantradio.com.  And if you are really tech-savvy you can download the app which will bring you right to the website with a single touch of the screen on your mobile phone, desktop or I-Pad. 

If you go to the website and read a little about Relevant Radio you will find its guiding principles:  Fidelity to the Magisterial teachings of the Church and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  This is not a website for conjecture and personal opinion; it is a website that teaches us the time-tested truths of our ancient faith, founded upon the Apostles.  Relevant Radio began in 1997 as a single California radio station and has grown to consist of 66 radio stations across the nation, reaching over 68 million people. The website tells us that Relevant Radio provides programming that speaks to the human condition, helping to bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.  The network produces a variety of popular and exciting programs to help strengthen the family, solve everyday problems, and raise the heart and mind to God…it brings the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith into the everyday lives of people who seek it, whenever and wherever they are.”

Relevant Radio has a wide variety of topics available via the website for your desktop computer or your I-Pad as well the AM Radio Station 1430 out of Newark, NJ, or on-demand podcasts for your phone so you can listen to an enormous number of talks and conversations in private.  You can pray the Rosary with others online, you can watch the Mass as well as learn some theology.  I especially like the link called: “Catholicism 101”.

So, whatever you’re doing—stop!  Go to your computer or device and go to the website, download the app, tune-in your AM radio in your car and follow-along with this inspirational station.  Share this information with your family and friends—especially your kids.  Make sure they install the app on their phones and maybe they will covertly tune-in and learn something about our Catholic Faith. And if you’re totally lost and can’t download an app, go to a website or even tune in an old-fashioned radio, you can tell Alexa and she will do it for you!  Really!

Let me know what you think.