12th Sunday Ordinary Time

On this Father’s Day I am reading this weekend’s gospel of Jesus and His apostles in the boat in the middle of a great storm. I am thinking back to when I was little and a great hurricane was coming our way. I was terrified as my father and brother and I sat in the house and waited for the storm to arrive and pass by. All the outside furniture blew away, the winds howled and shook the house. My brother and I looked out from under the couch and saw that our father—was asleep. Peacefully asleep! How could he be so calm in the midst of such a mighty storm? The only thing to explain it was great faith. Not unlike what the apostles faced in this Sunday’s Gospel. In the midst of the wind and calamity Jesus—was asleep.

The oldest image of the Church is a boat. The boat that is the church takes us from this world to the next. It symbolizes the vast journey that is our life. A journey across an immense ocean, from one shore to another, is bound to encounter storms. They are unavoidable. But what to do about them? The apostles screamed in terror. Jesus—slept. It is only when the apostles turn to Jesus that He will calm the storm with a single word.

There will be lots of storms in your life. But we too must turn to The One who is even more powerful than the mightiest of storms. As the storm passed over us that night there was a sudden silent peace in the center of the storm. All around us was destruction and calamity, but at the center there was silent peace—with our father. 12ordinary

Fr. Gerard Gordon